22 June 2021 - Draft

Tech company in Kiev takes PROLIGHTS fixtures

The auditorium of MacPaw, a Tech company with offices in San Francisco and Kiev, has recently been fitted with lighting fixtures by PROLIGHTS. The venue holds exhibitions, lectures, seminars, live performances, among others, as a multidisciplinary space.

Complex-V, PROLIGHTS' distributor and audiovisual specialist based in Ukraine, was responsible for the system integration: “We chose the lighting package that gave as much versatility as possible, since they run multiple events in this space,” said Vadym Shevchenko from Complex-V, adding: “the customer will use the fixtures to highlight particular areas of the space, to light up the guest speakers or to create dynamic effects for live performances.”  

In total, the Ukrainian company supplied PROLIGHTS' Pixie Spot, Diamond 7, Air 5Fan, LumiPar 12IP and the EclMiniFresnel FC. “The premises have a low ceiling height, so we had to choose fixtures with a small profile”, added Vadym.

The high reliability of the components, ease of use and bright output were the main reasons Complex-V chose PROLIGHTS: “The manufacturer has a great reputation for high-quality, professional fixtures. Our customer wanted something that could be long-lasting, but also that could accommodate the different type of events they hold at the company. We delivered the project very successfully, as we met their initial requirements,” Vadym concluded.  


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