26 January 2023

Lysdesign AS invests in PROLIGHTS


Lysdesign AS, a leading provider of lighting solutions in Norway, has invested in 36 pieces of the PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix. The company made the decision to invest in the fixture due to its versatility and compact size, as well as its high-quality build.

According to Ove Tollefsrud, CEO of Lysdesign AS, "We were immediately impressed by the versatility and compact size of the PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix. It suits our needs perfectly in several applications and allows us to keep high utilization on the fixture. After testing, we also quickly noticed several advantages due to the smart set-up of the fixtures, and the build quality feels really good. The software is also very nicely done, and we particularly like the ability to split the fixture between mapping and fixture."

The PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix is a powerful and versatile LED wash light that can be used in a variety of applications. Its compact size and smart design make it easy to use and set up, while its high-quality build ensures that it will last for many years.

Lysdesign AS is committed to providing the best possible lighting solutions to its customers, and this investment in the PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix is a testament to that commitment.

“As a small/mid-sized company we seek to keep our fixtures as versatile as possible enabling us to utilize our rental park effectively,” said Ove, adding: “we hope to make use of these fixtures on concerts, corporate Events, theatre, festivals and TV shows.”

The company is confident that the new fixtures will help it to continue to provide high-quality lighting solutions to its customers.

“We have struggled with our previous lamps on colour calibration as we have seen quite some difference on the colours, making it impossible for us to make it into the larger events, TV shows and streaming events with those fixtures. Moving forward, I believe most of the companies will hold this as a standard demanding for calibration to ensure the same output every time” Ove added.

The PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix is a powerful and versatile LED wash light that can be used in a variety of applications, making it a great addition to Lysdesign's lighting solution offering.

As for Ove's perception of the Italian brand, Ove had nothing but positive feedback: “PROLIGHTS is one of the most reliable brands around always happy to help and accommodate the need. The level of service and technical assistance available is next to none from our perspective. We also admire the latest fixtures, taking yet another step on the way to become one of the truly great brands in the industry.”


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