PROLIGHTS is the professional lighting division of Music & Lights S.r.l., an Italian company specialized in the manufacture of technologies for the show industry.

The PROLIGHTS brand was established in 2001 with a focus on the design and manufacture of professional lighting & video products for the entertainment, event, broadcast and installation markets.

PROLIGHTS is headquartered in Minturno, Italy, where the companies commerical, operational and R&D centres are all located.

PROLIGHTS continues to experience a sustained growth across all sectors, with its products found on stages and in studios all over the world. Founder Franco Sorabella, and his son Fabio, are both actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and in the development of the product range.

Mission Connect to our customers

“Our mission is to listen to our customers and deliver to them outstanding products that improve their creative and technical experience”

PROLIGHTS products are each designed to provide a real world solution to a real world problem, based on the global feedback of designers, operators, owners and technicians. The philosophy behind each and every product is to deliver a solution that resonates, inspires, and exceeds expectations.

Vision we aim for excellence

aim to provide the markets we serve with the best and most innovative products & solutions.
We set ourselves the highest standards, then work with our people, suppliers and partners to meet them.
We strive for high-class product design, characteristic of our Italian origins.

About Music & Lights

In the mid 1980's, an 18 year old technical institute student declared the wish to make his mark in creating technology for the entertainment industry.
In 1990, after completing his military service, Franco Sorabella took this ambition, along with significant determination, and founded Music & Lights S.r.l.
Throughout the 1990's Music & Lights was a full service production company, involved in all aspects of event production.
By the early 2000s Franco started to realise his dream, as the company began to focus on manufacturing professional A.V.L. technologies with the goal to innovate and look beyond the known boundaries of technology and design.

"We work closely with designers, engineers, artists, architects and installers; our passion is to work with anyone who has a vision and wants to channel this through technology"

Today, Prolights products can be found on shows, tours, events, installations, broadcasts, and films, in theatres, studios, houses of worship and venues around the world.
We are proud to build technologies which are accessible to everyone; from the largest Hollywood blockbuster, theme park or concert right through to the smallest bar, stage or cultural centre.
Our products are synonymous with high-quality, innovation, great value and beautiful design.
Our offering is ever evolving, but we aim to offer a complete and integrated solution to anyone looking to create a show, performance or statement.

Prolights facts

ISO 9001:2015

A family company

Music & Lights is a family company run by father and son team Franco and Fabio Sorabella.
FRANCO SORABELLA: Founder and President
Franco Sorabella took his first steps in the industry in the mid 80’s, right after his technical diploma, being involved in the full service production of local events. In in the 1990s he started Music & Lights with the aim to use its experience as user to manufacture technologies that can improve the work habits, offering an unprecedent level of services to other industry insiders. Since then, he’s still in charge of leading the company and oversees the financial, operational and infrastructure elements of the business, including staff welfare, that represents the driving force of the company success. He also co-ordinates the constant expansion of the company facilities and production sites, running the business according to the same principles as he started
FABIO SORABELLA: Managing Director
Fabio Sorabella, Franco's son, is literally born “enlightened”, having followed his father’s career since he was a kid. Throughout his youth, he gained experience in every company department, growing up with the passion for lighting and engineering. He’s today the frontman for PROLIGHTS and he’s known as the public face of the company, travelling worldwide and keeping the connections with users, designers and distributors, representing the vision and values of the company. He’s actively leading the products development, making sure that every PROLIGHTS product exceeds customers expectations and challenges the status quo



18 October 2021
PROLIGHTS is a keeper at Hockey Arena
PROLIGHTS is a keeper at Hockey Arena
The Husqvarna Garden, an Ice Hockey arena in Jönköping, Sweden and home to the HV71, has recently undertaken a lighting re-fit and...
14 October 2021
Creative Technology invest in PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS
Creative Technology invest in PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS
During the late summer of 2020, Creative Technology (CT) made the final transition to their new 105,000 square foot warehouse space...
11 October 2021
Main Light invests in the PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS
Main Light invests in the PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS
Industry Leading lighting rental production company, Main Light has added the PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS to their rental inventory. Throughout...
07 October 2021
PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC takes major update
PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC takes major update
The extremely successful EclPanel TWC , an LED soft light made by Italian manufacturer PROLIGHTS, has taken a major firmware update...
04 October 2021
PROLIGHTS StudioCob at the No Time to Die Premier
PROLIGHTS StudioCob at the No Time to Die Premier
U.K.-based Impact Production Services (IPS), a supplier to the events industry, were involved in the premiere of No Time to Die as...
30 September 2021
PROLIGHTS Mosaico XL punches through the darkness
PROLIGHTS Mosaico XL punches through the darkness
Some of Broken Hill's key locations have been lit up as part of Australia's Heritage Perfectly Highlighted project. The project involves...
28 September 2021
PROLIGHTS DeltaPix LED screens debuted in Portugal
PROLIGHTS DeltaPix LED screens debuted in Portugal
PROLIGHTS DeltaPix 29B , a 2.9 mm indoor rental LED screen, has had its debut in Portugal, with rental specialist BragaEventos purchasing...
27 September 2021
PROLIGHTS  library now available in Vectorworks
PROLIGHTS library now available in Vectorworks
PROLIGHTS has made available nearly 200 Vectorworks symbols for most of its lighting fixtures, clamps and accessories, and will keep...
20 September 2021
EclPanel is the new look at Sydney's fashion show
EclPanel is the new look at Sydney's fashion show
Australian fashion house Aje launched their Resort 2022 collection ‘Scent of Summer' at The Calyx located in the Royal Botanic Garden...
16 September 2021
Dutch chimney lit by PROLIGHTS' Mosaico XL
Dutch chimney lit by PROLIGHTS' Mosaico XL
The municipality of Leiden in The Netherlands along with energy company Uniper joined forces to light up an 80-meter-high chimney using...
06 September 2021
PROLIGHTS signs up with DIALux
PROLIGHTS signs up with DIALux
PROLIGHTS, an Italian manufacturer of architectural, entertainment and TV lighting has signed up with DIALux , the industry-standard...
13 August 2021
Sightline Studio takes PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr
Sightline Studio takes PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr
Sydney's corporate event production specialists Sightline were early adopters of the Prolights EclPanel TWCJr , the compact 1×1 LED...

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