28 February 2023

Fontys University in The Netherlands gets PROLIGHTS

From conservatory to Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Fontys University of the Arts offers a wide range of courses in the performative arts. 

The university has recently launched a bid to refurbish their lighting, and Dutch system integrator Lichtpunt offered their services to install the new equipment.

In addition to supplying and installing new LED theatre lighting, the grid suspensions also had to be renewed in 8 rooms. A large array of nearly 550 new LED theatre lights and controls was delivered and installed, including 24x PROLIGHTS LumiPar 12UQ Pro, 45x EclProfile FW TU, 38x EclFresnelJr TW, 14x LumiPix 12UQ Pro, 34x DisplayCobTU and 70x DisplayCob TRWDFC

“We love PROLIGHTS' diverse product portfolio,” said Leon van Warmerdam from Lichtpunt, adding “their range of LED profiles and LED fresnels are a great replacement to these types of venues wanting to modernise their equipment while being eco-friendly. Not only that, but the transition from older luminaires to new fixtures is incredibly easy for everyone, as they make their equipment super intuitive.”

The equipment was supplied by Full AVL, PROLIGHTS' exclusive distributor in The Netherlands.


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