13 April 2023

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral In Ireland lit up with PROLIGHTS

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ireland and Seamus Reck of Lx2000 Stage Lighting Hire recently teamed up to supply and install the lighting for Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork. 

Lighting supply for the Cathedral posed a difficult task from the outset when it was determined that the fixtures were to be installed at 12m high with the only access being a cherry-picker. Additionally, the brief also included making sure that the lighting would enhance live-streaming, while not obstructing sightlines from the rear gallery.

When it came to deciding what type of lighting to use for their installation, the team used their expert knowledge, in consultation with the client, to assess the project and looked at two options from PROLIGHTS: the EclPanel TWC Jr and the ArcPod27Q. Unable to demo either fixture in situ, they demonstrated the EclPanels (with onboard W-DMX receivers) on stands in order to get an idea of what the result would be like. To get a better understanding of how the light would look once installed, the team then used Dialux software to render a proposed plan.

The EclPanels were replacing a mixture of 20 defunct HID floods and 1st generation LED floods. The replacement fixtures not only had to improve the lighting but also needed to provide a consistent output and reach the desired brightness levels for the congregation to read service sheets. Very Revd Nigel Dunne, the Cathedral's Dean, wanted a warm white as a daytime setting as opposed to the cool white colour temperature created by existing fixtures.

One of the main attractions of installing the EclPanels was their ability to change colour, creating a more dynamic atmosphere and enabling the Cathedral to have different themes around special times of the year and for events such as concerts and recitals.

Choral recitals, performances and concerts are popular events at the Cathedral, making quality lighting a must. With that in mind, four PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCM2X1 fixtures were installed to illuminate the choir stalls, while two PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr are used for front lighting the high altar. Two PROLIGHTS DisplayCob WW provide back lighting for the celebrant at the high altar and one PROLIGHTS ArcPod 27Q lights the ornate ceiling metres above.

(written by A.C. Entertainment Technologies)

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