22 December 2023

United Media chooses a complete a PROLIGHTS lighting setup for its studios

United Media, leading media company of Southeast Europe, has carried out a significant upgrade of its lighting equipment by choosing PROLIGHTS projectors. With an extensive portfolio of 55 television channels distributed across 8 countries, United Media stands out in the production and distribution of high-quality entertainment television content, including the acclaimed "Zvezde Granda" and "Grand Show," flagship programs in Serbia.

Recognizing that high-quality lighting is crucial for creating excellent television content, United Media has decided to enhance the lighting infrastructure of its studios to host increasingly sophisticated and high-level television productions.

For this technological upgrade, United Media entrusted the task of updating the lighting setup to Studio Brerar, the official distributor of PROLIGHTS in Serbia. The choice fell on a set of cutting-edge equipment, including EclFresnel VW, Astra Wash37Pix, Astra Wash19Pix, and Sunblast 3000FC, all seamlessly integrated into the studios.

This new setup not only guarantees superior lighting quality but also offers greater versatility and adaptability to meet diverse production needs.


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