18 December 2020

Prolights EclPanel TWC at Junior Eurovision 2020


The 18th edition of the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, organised by TVP and EBU in Poland, took place in November. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, all performances were pre-tapped in an extended reality studio, though the broadcast was still live.

The show was recorded in an xR studio through the cooperation of different broadcasters, with twelve performing acts from different countries. The main soft-lighting of the xR stage was done by PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC, totalling 29 units used as back and front-lighting. “The use of these fixtures allowed to obtain the correct exposure and colour temperature in TV applications. They are the perfect units for studio use, especially in xR environments,” commented Wizja Multimedia, lighting suppliers for the show.

The five EclPanel TWC units backlighting the stage were also supplied with a SnapGrid® accessory by DoP choice, tailored made for the EclPanel. “All our studio lighting products have a wide variety of accessories available from the moment we launch them, leaving no application behind and guaranteeing maximum flexibility and return-on-investment for our users,” said Fabio Sorabella, Managing Director at Prolights. He added: “our EclPanel TWC range is becoming widely popular in TV, and it's great to see broadcasters like the European Broadcast Union adopting it so enthusiastically!”

The EclPanel TWC is a compact 2x1 LED soft light with pixels and lighting effects, designed in Italy by Prolights. The fixture has a 740W RGB+WW LED source, with CCT with +/- shift and HSI, reaching a superior light quality thanks to its high CRI, TLCI and TM-30 values.


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