13 April 2021

Prolights launches the Astra Beam260IP


Prolights have just launched its new flagship Astra Beam260IP, an IP-rated moving beam light, designed to set a new standard. Its superior performance, innovative technology, and flexibility make it the perfect fixture for any outdoor or indoor application. The Astra Beam260IP is sharper, brighter, and more resistant to the elements than any fixture in its class, and yet more compact and lightweight.

A new generation of optics

The Astra Beam260IP includes a new lamp, made by OSRAM.

The Sirius HRI 260W PRO lamp has a long-life span of 6,000 hours that, combined with a completely sealed enclosure, brings a near-zero maintenance cycle, reducing operating costs like cleaning and re-lamping. The Astra Beam260IP produces a parallel 2°, high-contrast, pure beam of light with an extraordinary output of half a million lux at 10 meters.

Rugged, water- and dust-tight body

The Astra Beam260IP has a rugged and completely sealed chassis made of alluminium alloy, with internal components treated with an IP coating, guaranteeing real IP65 water and dust-tight design for lasting outdoor applications. Since it's completely sealed, the fixture doesn't require regular internal cleaning or service. However, users have access to the modular and easily accessible internal parts and whereupon assembled, its sealing can be easily checked with the PROLIGHTS IP TEST BOX.

Whether it's water, humidity, sand, dust, smoke, warm or cold temperatures, the Astra Beam260IP withstands all-weather conditions.

The fixture offers a wide choice of control options including DMX & RDM in/through, Wireless DMX & RDM, and Ethernet protocols such as Art-Net and sACN in/through.


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