07 May 2021

TV Studio in Albania gets PROLIGHTS

Albanian Sound, Lighting & Video (ASVL) have recently fitted a TV Studio in the region with PROLIGHTS equipment. The studio hosts shows like “Kosherja”, “Soiree” and “Star Style".

Among several moving lights by PROLIGHTS, the studio took twelve EclPanel TWCJr plus another dozen EclFresnel PTW, twenty-four EclProfile FS, eighty LumiPix 12UQPRO and several other LumiPix pixel fixtures.

Florind Tenolli, Managing Director for ASVL, commented: “We chose the EclPanel TWCJr as it is a compact 1x1 LED soft light with an RGB+WW source, and a great CRI value for cameras and broadcast environments.”

Florind added: “Their ease of use was also a key-factor in picking these fixtures, since this is a very dynamic studio with a fast-turnaround, so everyone needs to be able to operate the fixtures in a matter of seconds.”

Another great addition to the studio were the EclFresnel PTW fixtures. The LED units are a straight replacement of conventional 1,000W fixtures, with pole-operated pan and tilt, full-colour emitters and tunable white. The 6-LED colour mixing allows not only to create fantastic saturated and pastels colours but also an extensive white spectrum between 2,800 to 10,000 kelvin.


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