28 May 2021

Mercedes EQA debut lit with PROLIGHTS

The debut of the new Mercedes-Benz EQA vehicle in Poland happened last April, and companies Kukoni and Robimy Live supplied sound and lighting equipment (Kukoni), cameras and streaming systems (Robimy Live).

Kukoni supplied several PROLIGHTS equipment, including 16x Air5Fan, 12x Stark 1000, 8x Ruby, 20x Lumipix 12QTour, 6x Sunblast 3000FC, 1x Mosaico, 18x SmartBat Plus, 18x TrussPod3 Bat and 18x Solar 27Q, and designed by Kuba Czarnik. 

“Our main goal was to create a spatial effect to gain emotions of our viewers watching the event online,” said Miłosz Łapiński, Manager at Kukoni. He added: “We placed the Air5Fan on all sides of the stage area, where the car would drive in. We then placed the Sunblast 3000FC fixtures behind the car, proving a powerful colour punch as it would come in through a mist of smoke.” 

The Stark 1000 washes provided front white-light to the presenters and the car all around the showroom. 

There was also a Q&A session during the live stream, and for that Miłosz used the 16x Lumipix 12Q Tour, connected to media server. “We also used the 8x Ruby, 18x Solar 27Q and the battery-operated fixtures as ambient light, to fill the space with colour. We then used the Mosaico to project the Mercedes logo,” said Miłosz.


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