07 June 2021

PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC featured on Belgium TV

The national broadcaster VTR in Belgium is running an exhibition based on the show “Like Me”, a production commissioned by branding expert Citycubes as an activation campaign for the show. The exhibition runs from May until the end of September, and it's based at the Antwerp City Festival Hall.

The Belgium audiovisual supplier EQS commissioned the lighting for the exhibition, which included six PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC and nine EclPanel TWCJr with various accessories. The goal of the exhibition was to recreate the sets of the series for their fans to create memories as if they were part of the show. “The EclPanels are lighting the different sets, said Wouter De Loose, CEO of EQS, adding: “Most of them are outputting Warm White but for some sets we needed the extra punch from the colours, and playing the paparazzi effect through its built-in FX-engine.”

When asked about the choice of equipment, Wouter said: “VRT, the Flemish broadcaster, already uses PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC fixtures in their television studios, so they were already familiar with the product. When we proposed the units for this job, they decided to run a side-by-side comparison with other products by other manufacturers, but the light quality, output and overall results were remarkably better on the EclPanel TWC. Staying with these fixtures was the obvious choice.”

Luxillag, PROLIGHTS' distributor in Belgium, helped EQS and Citycubes finding a product that fitted VRT's standards: “The EclPanel TWC and TWC Jr have been extremely popular in Belgium, and we're excited about how quickly most companies have adopted these fixtures,” said Sam Dehaese, Account Manager at Luxillag, adding: “EQS are a great customer, and we're always happy to offer all the tools they need to make their customers happy.”


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