22 February 2022

PROLIGHTS adds four new IP65 ellipsoidals

PROLIGHTS has launched the new EclProfile CT+IP, a tunable white and full colour ellipsoidal designed for exterior applications like touring, theme parks, cruise ships and outdoor events, and the new EclProfile FW and FWVW IP range, a series of IP rated white light and variable ellipsoidals.

The new CT+ IP has the same features as its indoor version, including a 6-colour LED array (red, green, blue, royal blue, mint, and PC amber), linear white CCT from 2.800K to 10.000K, RGB/CMY/HSI control, colour gel presets, tungsten emulation on dimming, colour, and tint control. PROLIGHTS also added raw and xy control modes for the CT+ and CT+IP ellipsoidals, allowing users to pick a colour in the CIE 1931 chromaticity diagram right from their consoles.

The EclProfile FW IP series come in three variants: a tungsten-looking at 3,200K (TU), daylight at 5,600K (DY) and variable white with CCT from 2,700K to 5,600K (VW).

Their die-cast aluminium body make sure that the source stay dust-free and waterproofed, reducing cleaning cycles and routine maintenance.  

An IP-rated gobo rotator can be purchased separately and fitted inside the gobo slot, allowing designers to use B-sized gobos and create dynamic effects controlled by DMX.

All IP fixtures are compatible with the high-definition optics available for the EclProfile range, including a range of fixed lenses from 5º to 70º, and two zoom lenses. The fixtures are also made for demanding applications that require high colour-fidelity, with high CRI, TLCI and Ra values.

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