11 July 2022

PROLIGHTS debuts its largest soft light panel


PROLIGHTS has released the EclPanel TWCXL, its largest soft light to date - an ultra-bright LED soft panel with a large light aperture for large-scale productions and long throw applications. 

The 1,500W RGB+WW LED source outputs over 136,000 lumens whilst maintaining great colour fidelity. The EclPanel TWCXL comes with a full range of white tones, from daylight to tungsten, attaining a superior light quality with high CRI, TLCI, and TM-30 values.

The panel has a wide CCT range from 1,800K to 20,000K, colour modes like HSI, RGBW, gels, source emulation and XY coordinates, and equipped with W-DMX and CRMX. There are also 48 sections with individual control to play the customisable cinema effects or by pixel mapping media content. 

The new fixture has an Ethernet connection for Art-Net and s/ACN, onboard drivers and a built-in power supply. There is also a redesigned user interface with a bigger colour LCD display, an intuitive stand alone interface and the possibility to store colour and setup macros. 

The increasing success of PROLIGHTS' soft lights in major Hollywood productions has contributed to the improvement of several on-board software features, like a wide PWM range up to 40KHz, lower fan noises for silent applications, a high-resolution mode at low dimmer value, and a new dimming curve that offers a 16-bit dimming experience while using an 8-bit dimmer. The EclPanel TWCXL is also Spektra calibrated, joining the rest of the line-up with the same colour calibration standard.

The newly released version has similar accessories available as the other fixtures, including beam shaping accessories by DoP Choice like the SnapBag and SnapGrid, four different diffusers, and much more. PROLIGHTS also designed a flight case specially made to accommodate one panel and all the filters and accessories needed for any production.


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