14 November 2022

PROLIGHTS adds the Smart BatPlusG2 to the uplighters range


PROLIGHTS announced the release of the Smart BatPlusG2, a high-end version of the iconic Smart Bat uplighters designed with enhanced output and battery performance, IP65 with a stunning new look.

The fixture has 4x 20W RGB+WW LEDs with high CRI, twice the output on the battery against the previous generation, and nearly three times if connected to the mains. The Smart BatPlusG2 is also “Spektra™ calibrated”, joining a large family of PROLIGHTS products that share the same colour calibration standard.

The clever mechanical design allows turning the unit from an uplighter into a spotlight by using the suspension or floor bracket without compromising the aesthetics of the fixture.

The Smart BatPlusG2 introduces new features such as interchangeable batteries and easy covers with multiple colours, making it possible to change its look as desired.

The Smart BatPlusG2 is very user-friendly - it can be used wirelessly with a built-in battery, CRMX/W-DMX and RDM control, or wired through the PSU and XLR connectors (bypassing the battery).


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