14 November 2022

SQM invests in PROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood300WV


Multimedia solutions company SQM has recently purchased fifty-four PROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood300WV.

The Polish-based company invested in these units as part of a commitment to differentiate itself from other exhibition suppliers: “What attracted us to the EclExpo Flood300VW was the fact we wanted to offer better standards for exhibition stands,” said Jakub Kowala, BDM at SQM.

Jakub added: “Other companies are still using halogen flood lights or lights that you can buy in DIY stores. We want to offer more, including features like changeable colour temperature, and individual unit control, so we get the best effects and generally have brighter stands, which will stand out and be more visible than others”. 

SQM was also driven to these fixtures for practical reasons: “I think the EclExpo Flood300VW will bring new operational standards and simplify our work. Clever features like the barndoors and local knob control make any setup easier than before,” added Jakub.

The EclExpo Flood300VW is a variable white LED flood light designed for exhibitions and showrooms as a high-quality, eco-friendly replacement of traditional tungsten, CDM or HMI asymmetric luminaires.


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