05 September 2023

Prolights EclExpo Flood150: Compact, bright and versatile floodlight

PROLIGHTS introduces the EclExpo Flood150, a compact and bright floodlight designed to substitute traditional CDM, HMI, and tungsten small floods in tradeshows, theaters, or as a practical work light.

This powerful and compact floodlight features a custom LED source combined with a reflector, providing an impressive 100° x 60° coverage of indirect light emission.

The standout feature of the EclExpo Flood150 is its versatility and availability in two source variants:
  • EclExpo Flood150 FC utilizes RGB+WarmWhite calibrated LED, offering superior color rendering and remarkable flexibility for precise color control.

  • EclExpo Flood150 VW utilizes a bi-color Variable White LED source with an adjustable CCT range.

Not only does this floodlight shine in terms of performance, but it also excels in durability and usability. EclExpo Flood150 series is constructed with robust die-cast housing, front tempered glass, and large silent fans, ensuring optimal airflow and silent operations. Featuring a linear LED source and a reflector that emulates the aesthetics of traditional asymmetric floodlights, the EclExpo Flood150 series is perfect for illuminating large spaces like exhibition halls or theatrical cyclorama.

The user experience has been a priority in developing the EclExpo Flood150. Both lighting technicians and non-technical users will find it easy to use, thanks to its incredible performance capabilities and user-friendly design.

With its robust design features, superior performance, low power consumption, long life expectancy, and competitive pricing, the EclExpo Flood150 series from PROLIGHTS is set to revolutionize the lighting industry for tradeshows, theaters, and various other applications.
EclExpo Flood150: the perfect blend of classic beauty and green technology


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