22 September 2023

PROLIGHTS fixtures on stage for Noizy's Alpha Show 2

Alpha Show 2, the concert of the hip-hop singer Noizy, was illuminated by PROLIGHTS fixtures. The event, hosted in the Mother Teresa square in Tirana, was a show of music and energy, which saw the participation of the most famous artists of the Albanese hip-hop scene.

The concert, organized by the event company Kuadr Events, was illuminated by ASVL Albania, PROLIGHTS distributor in the area. The team developed an innovative lighting setup made up of 533 PROLIGHTS projectors including PanoramaIP Spot, PanoramaIP AirBeam, PanoramaIP WBX, Razor 440, Unico, Stark400, Lumipix 15IP , LumiPix 9UHEPro, Lumipar 12IPLumipar 18QPro, Sunrise 2IP e ArenaCob 4FC.

The ASLV team commented: "From the vibrant chromatic effects to the striking beams of light, the PROLIGHTS lighting system amplified the charisma and stage presence of the singers, integrating perfectly with the entire production. PROLIGHTS solutions allowed us to elevate the concert viewing experience to levels never achieved before."


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