10 November 2023

PROLIGHTS products Illuminates Marragheddon Festival

PROLIGHTS products illuminated the Marrageddon festival, an unprecedented celebration of Italian hip-hop, conceived and hosted by hip-hop icon Marracash.
With two dates between Milan and Naples, the festival hosted an exceptional lineup of important artists from the Italian hip-hop/rap scene including Fabri Fibra, Salmo, Guè Pequeno, Lazza and Madame, attracting more than 130 thousand spectators for an unforgettable musical experience.

To support such a large entourage of guests it was necessary to design a lighting setup that was up to par with the live performances of the festival; the lighting design was therefore entrusted to Giorgio De Cassan, alongside Lorenzo De Pascalis, who oversaw the entire artistic direction of the festival.

For the lighting setup, the team relied on the rental company Mister X Service, selecting a wide range of equipment, including 130 PROLIGHTS projectors: 40 Sunblast 3000FC, 50 Astra Wash19Pix, and 40 VersaPar.

The final result was an evocative mix of music and light thanks to a setup full of bright and dynamic light effects that perfectly embodied the energy and atmosphere of the Marrageddon festival.


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