03 January 2024

Kinderlachen Gala Shines with the PROLIGHTS Astra Series

The Kinderlachen Gala was illuminated by PROLIGHTS products, an annual event celebrating individuals distinguished for their humanity, altruism, and civic engagement throughout the year.

René Geißel, responsible for the technical implementation of the event's lighting, selected the LED moving heads from PROLIGHTS' Astra series, including the Astra Profile400, Astra Wash19Pix, and AstraHybrid330 models.

"My requirement was clear: I needed a spotlight for the light show and another for white light," René Geißel explained. "The PROLIGHTS Astra Profile400 were excellent for white light, maintaining color stability even at reduced intensity levels and with various zoom settings." For this year's light show, Geißel first used the new Astra Hybrid330, which proved to be versatile and functional across different lighting setup configurations.

Following the success of the PROLIGHTS Astra Wash19Pix positioned at the front edge of the stage last year, Geißel again included this LED washlight, equipped with a separately controllable pixel ring, in his setup as an eye-catching visual element for video recordings. "The Astra Wash19Pix captures attention and perfectly completes the scenic appearance of the stage."


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