29 January 2024

PROLIGHTS introduces Jet Hybrid200: The New Standard in Versatile, Budget-Friendly Moving Light


PROLIGHTS proudly announces the launch of its latest product - the Jet Hybrid200. This new fixture is a budget-friendly, hybrid beam-spot moving light, redefining efficiency and versatility for indoor venues and small live performances.

The Jet Hybrid200 is specially crafted to excel in versatility, from mid-air effects to wide spot projections. With a luminous output of 8,000 lumens from a 200W LED source, it stands as an excellent alternative to compact discharge hybrid fixtures. Its rapid zoom capability, ranging from 3.5° to 40°, along with a lightweight design of just 15 kg, makes the Jet Hybrid200 uniquely adaptable to any environment.

The Jet Hybrid200's dynamic effects suite includes a color wheel with 13 dichroic filters, two gobo wheels featuring 8 rotating and 17 static gobos, and a range of prism and frost options, providing boundless creative possibilities.

This fixture embodies PROLIGHTS' commitment to sustainability and durability. It serves as an eco-friendly solution with its LED source, ensuring reduced power consumption and a longer lifespan. It's quiet operation and smooth dimming further enhance its appeal for various applications.

Targeting a diverse market, the Jet Hybrid200 is ideal for system integrators, rental companies, and entertainment venues. It offers a multifunctional lighting solution, replacing the need for separate beam and spotlight fixtures while capitalizing on the benefits of LED technology.

The Jet Hybrid200 is a testament to PROLIGHTS' dedication to delivering high-quality, versatile, and durable solutions.

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