12 March 2024

PROLIGHTS products Illuminate Swan Park Theatre

Swan Park Theatre, a cornerstone of the arts within the City of Swan, has experienced a transformative upgrade in its lighting setup, with PROLIGHTS lighting solutions provided by Show Technology. Managed by the Calisthenics Society of Western Australia, the theatre serves as a versatile venue for a wide array of events, from dance performances and theatrical productions to conferences and community gatherings.

Theatre Consultant Matthew Nankivell, together with system integrator Technical Alliance, led the initiative to upgrade the venue's lighting, with a focus on integrating LED technology to replace outdated systems. "The transition to LED was pivotal, replacing multiple generations of bolted-on technology with a unified, efficient solution," observed Oliver Loweth, Director of Technical Alliance.

PROLIGHTS fixtures were the chosen brand for both the consultant and the Technical Alliance team, with 39 EclFresnel TW and 36 EclProfile CT+ units installed.

The EclFresnel TW units are distinguished for their tunable white with colour correction, effectively replicating the output of traditional 1000W lamps while offering LED efficiency. "The selection of EclFresnel TW was motivated by its high-lumen output and exceptional dimming curve, essential for the dynamic range of performances hosted by the theatre" explained Oliver Loweth.

In addition to the EclFresnels, 36 EclProfile CT+ units were installed, showcasing PROLIGHTS' high-quality, six-colour mixing LED ellipsoidal capabilities. These fixtures excel in producing vivid colours and natural whites, eliminating the chromatic shadowing associated with earlier LED profiles. "The EclProfile CT+ impresses with its capability to emulate the warmth of tungsten lighting on skin tones, which is crucial for live performances" Loweth added.

"The PROLIGHTS Ecl family represents the pinnacle of LED theatre lighting, offering unparalleled precision in optics and colour at a fraction of the cost of comparable products" Loweth commented. This upgrade signifies a pivotal moment for Swan Park Theatre, transforming it into a contemporary venue, significantly reducing maintenance and cooling costs, and enhancing the creative potential for its clientele.


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