19 March 2024

PROLIGHTS illuminates ERT 3 studios

The ERT 3 studios have upgraded their lighting system by introducing the EclPanel TWC and EclFresnel CT+M by PROLIGHTS into their inventory. The project, overseen by Kariotis Lighting, PROLIGHTS distributor in Greece, has brought a significant improvement to the technical capabilities of the broadcast environments.

The EclFresnel CT+M features a 350W LED power, a 6-color light source, and a 200mm / 8'' glass Fresnel lens, offering a wide zoom range from 9° to 80° for precise lighting control. The EclPanel TWC provides a powerful 740W output with options for white and variable color lighting. Its advanced pixel control and effects allow for dynamic lighting configurations, while the FullSpectrum color range ensures exceptional accuracy for professional studio use.

Pandelis Kariotis, representative of Kariotis Lighting, emphasized the importance of this installation, stating: "The EclFresnel CT+M and EclPanel TWC by PROLIGHTS have revolutionized the lighting setup at the ERT 3 studios. These cutting-edge devices not only enhance lighting quality but also provide our clients with unparalleled flexibility and precision, enabling them to realize their creative vision with utmost professionalism."

With these advanced lighting solutions, the ERT 3 studios are ready to offer engaging and immersive visual experiences to audiences worldwide.


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