05 April 2024

PROLIGHTS fixtures light up Madame Tussauds museum in Budapest

PROLIGHTS products have lit up the new Madame Tussauds museum in Budapest. The project was followed by the system integrator company Lisys-Project, under the guidance of project managers Gábor Kele and Gábor Nyéky, and Hungarian lighting designer János "Madár" Madarász, known in Hungary for his experience in the theatrical and musical scene.

The installation involved a wide range of PROLIGHTS solutions, with a setup that included about 300 products including DisplayCob FC and DisplayCob WW, EclCyclorama 50 and EclCyclorama 100, EclDisplay DATFC, and EclProfile CT+.

A selection specifically chosen to ensure the highest quality of lighting and versatility, essential for enhancing the museum's evocative exhibits and giving dimension and depth to the iconic wax statues.

"The design integrates perfectly with the thematic environments of the museum, ensuring vibrant and dynamic lighting that adapts to the extended opening hours of the facility," declared the Lisys-Project team.


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