16 April 2024

The Astra Profile600IP Lights Illuminate St. Anton's Slopes

In St.Anton, Austria, the ski season is transformed into a vivid spectacle of lights, thanks to the Astra Profile600IP. The event, titled “Schneetreiben - The Show Must Go On” , features the grace of skiing with technological advancement, celebrating the winter season through a blend of multimedia content and sophisticated lighting against the majestic Alps Backdrop. 

Supplied by LightPower and installed by the SLS EventService team, PROLIGHTS' Astra Profile600IP played a pivotal role in the lighting setup success. Designed specifically for outdoor use, these projectors brilliantly lit the slopes and surrounding areas, effortlessly overcoming the challenges presented by Austria's harsh winter climate. 

Markus Singler, CEO of SLS EventService, lauded the Astra Profile600IP's resilience, emphasizing the fixtures' flawless performance amid snow, rain, and frost. “The decision to go with the Astra Profile600IP was straightforward, given its exceptional value, compact design, and remarkable luminosity. Their performance in adverse weather conditions has validated our choice” Singler remarked. 

The Astra Profile600IP's effectiveness and reliability shone on the ski slopes. The 600W LED source, paired with a broad zoom range, enabled precise beam projections that enriched the skiing experience. “After over three months of continuous use outdoors, these projectors have exhibited no technical issues, affirming their durability and efficiency”, concluded Singler.


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