07 May 2024

PROLIGHTS Astra Hybrid330 lights up Hannover State Opera Ball 2024


The Hannover State Opera selected PROLIGHTS Astra Hybrid330 to light up the 2024 Opera Ball, held under the theme "Let the Sunshine In". The event drew over 3,330 guests and showcased a range of musical performances, from classical to modern, necessitating a flexible and adaptable lighting system.

The Astra Hybrid330 proved to be up to the challenge with their hybrid design, which includes both beam and spot capabilities, a wide zoom range, and CMY color mixing, enabling seamless transitions between diverse  styles of performance. Positioned 12 meters above the main stage, these spotlights provided an exceptional performance under the direction of lighting designer Fabian Grohmann.

Grohmann shared his enthusiasm for the Astra Hybrid330: "I was truly amazed by their capability. Despite their compact size, the Astra Hybrid330 spotlights are incredibly bright, quiet, and perfect for this type of installation."

The use of the Astra Hybrid330 at the Hannover State Opera not only ensured appropriate lighting that complemented the event's festive theme but also played a crucial role in creating an engaging and dynamic atmosphere for all attendees.


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