09 July 2024

PROLIGHTS product lit up Fez Smart Factory at UEMF

PROLIGHTS products have been used to illuminate the facade of the Fez Smart Factory, a key site in the program for technological and eco-sustainable development of the local industries, led by the Université Euro Méditerranéenne de Fès (UEMF).

The supply and installation of the lighting setup were managed by EUROLUX, in collaboration with EcmaPro, the PROLIGHTS distributor in Morocco, for the selection of lighting products and the supervision of the design and execution of the project. The PROLIGHTS team provided a detailed setup simulation using DiaLUX software to determine the optimal positioning and types of projectors needed to ensure uniform lighting coverage on the building facade.

The selected PROLIGHTS solutions included ArcPod 48Q and Mosaico L, both suitable for permanent outdoor architectural installations thanks to their IP66 certification. The ArcPod 48Q, equipped with filters for different lighting effects, were chosen to create a vivid, bright and uniform illumination of the facade. Meanwhile Mosaico L, strategically placed on either side of the facade, were used for projection of the Moroccan flag and UEMF logo. PROLIGHTS also designed and manufactured custom gobos for the image projections, adding unique and distinctive touch to the structure. 

Omar El assri, from the lighting department of EcmaPro System, stated: “The lighting setup was extremely precise, combining innovative technologies and aesthetic design. The methodical and technically advanced approach of the PROLIGHTS team greatly assisted us in the selection of projectors and the execution of the project.” 


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