02 July 2024

Revúca's House of Culture shines with PROLIGHTS

Revúca's House of Culture has completed a significant renovation project, updating its lighting setup with PROLIGHTS products. This major cultural venue in the Slovak region, dedicated to artistic creation and organization of theatrical events, has chosen to adopt PROLIGHTS LED lighting solutions, making a significant step forward in its technological evolution.

Showmedia, PROLIGHTS distributor in Slovakia, worked on the lighting renovation process, replacing the old halogen light projectors with advanced PROLIGHTS LED solutions. This includes EclFresnel range projectors in both EclFresnel TU with fixed white at 3200K, and EclFresnel TW with six-color mixing and a wide white spectrum from 2800K to 10000K. The installation also features two ellipsoidal projectors with zoom optics: the EclProfile FW with tungsten emulation features, and EclProfile CT+ with high-quality variable white and six-color mixing. Moreover, the installation includes EclPendant for ambient lighting, and Astra Wash7Pix and Astra Wash37Pix for lighting effect.

“The upgrade of the technologies has not only improved the artistic experience but also, thanks to the LED technology, significantly increased energy efficiency and reduced the environmental footprint of the cultural centre.” stated Showmedia team.


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