21 May 2021

Alezzi Yacht sails with PROLIGHTS

Alezzi Yacht is the only catamaran yacht on the Romanian coast dedicated to leisure which offers a unique experience on the 3 decks. Specially designed to offer unique experiences to tourists and locals in the Black Sea, the 42-meter-long yacht fits 1000 people on board or 750 seated.

The three-decker vessel was designed to entertain its guests: each deck has its own characteristics: the lower deck is the ideal place to relax, where guests can enjoy a brunch or a drink while admiring the sea views through the windows or the panoramic floor. The middle deck is the club where you can dance at will, whilst the upper deck is an outdoor club, specially designed to enjoy spectacular parties and all that the Black Sea has to offer.

The audiovisual integration was designed and installed by Audiovision, a Romanian systems integrator and distributor for PROLIGHTS. “We managed to create a complete seaside festival environment with PROLIGHTS fixtures, creating a unique experience,” said Vasile Mara, General Manager at Audiovision. “The first deck is equipped with PROLIGHTS' Ruby, Ruby FCX and Diamond 7, the second deck with Ruby, Diamond 19, Diamond 7 and Sunrise 2L blinders, while the third deck was fitted the PanoramaIP AirBeam, PanoramaIP WBX and the impressive SunBlast 3000FC”, Vasile added.


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