21 August 2023

Prolights illuminated Elvana Gjata's Dekada concert in Tirana

Prolights fixtures played a pivotal role in the concert titled "Dekada" by the Albanian singer Elvana Gjata. This event marked a significant milestone in Elvana's two-decade-long musical journey, captivating thousands of fans at the Air Albania Stadium for a memorable four-hour extravaganza.

Contributing to the importance of the event organized by Kuard Events, was ASLV Albania, PROLIGHTS distributor in the nation. The ASLV team integrated 382 cutting-edge PROLIGHTS fixtures, creating a breathtaking stage setup including:

30 PanoramaIP Spot
30 PanoramaIP AirBeam
50 Jade
40 Stark 400
24 Sunrise 2IP
40 SunRise 4
40 Lumipix 15IP
12 EclFresnel TW
12 LumiPar 12IP
16 Razor 440
"The PROLIGHTS fixtures truly exceeded our expectations at Elvana Gjata's Dekada concert. Their cutting-edge technology and versatility allowed us to create a visually stunning production that perfectly complemented Elvana's performance" stated the ASLV team. 

With seamless operation, remarkable color rendition, and exceptional versatility, PROLIGHTS' cutting-edge lighting fixtures enhanced the overall atmosphere, transforming the concert into an unforgettable experience.


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