09 January 2024

Prolights Astra Beams lighting up the Wonder Garden in Riyadh

PROLIGHTS fixtures have transformed the Wonder Garden amusement park in Riyadh into a spectacle of light and colors. The park now boasts a captivating illumination setup featuring the Astra fixtures by PROLIGHTS.

The project features 150 Astra Beam260IP and 50 Astra Hybrid420IP units, meticulously arranged to enhance both large and small stages. This extensive installation ensures a comprehensive and immersive lighting experience, highlighting the park's magical and whimsical themes.

The fixtures have been provided by PROLAB, PROLIGHTS distributor in Saudi Arabia, and the lighting project, overseen by the lighting designer Houssein Ramadan.

The client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the project's outcome: "The ambiance achieved through our strategic use of PROLIGHTS' fixtures has exceeded our expectations, creating an unforgettable experience for our visitors."

The Astra series, known for its exceptional performance and versatility, played a vital role in this installation, as stated by Rami Harber, CEO of PROLAB: "PROLIGHTS' Astra fixtures have truly redefined the luminous charm of Wonder Garden. Our partnership with PROLIGHTS showcases our dedication to pioneering lighting experiences in Saudi Arabia.


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