19 April 2024

PROLIGHTS Shines at the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Launch in Poland

Duda-Cars, in collaboration with event specialists Kukoni, unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT in Poland, a dazzling event illuminated by PROLIGHTS' advanced lighting solutions. The venue was skillfully outfitted by KUkoni, who employed an array of PROLIGHTS' innovative products including the EclSoft LinearIP, Air 5Fan, EclMiniFresnel, Astra Wash7Pix, Astra Wash19Pix, and Ruby, to create a breathtaking ambiance.

Wojciech Lamasz, Project Manager at Kukoni, expressed his satisfaction with the setup, stating, “Our objective was to craft an elegant and immersive atmosphere throughout the exhibition space. This was not only to enhance the visibility of the vehicles but also to illuminate the stage for presentations and live entertainment effectively.

A key highlight of the lighting design was the strategic placement of the Air5 Fan units. Milosz Lapinski, the Lighting Designer, noted, “The Air5 Fans were crucial to our design. Positioned around the vehicle entry points, they created a stunning visual impact, enhancing both the cars' allure and the overall event experience.


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