22 April 2024

PROLIGHTS products lights up the Nacht der Werbung event in Salzburg

PROLIGHTS' lighting solutions lit up the "Nacht der Werbung" event in Salzburg, hosted at the Mozarteum, where the Salzburg State Prize for Marketing, Communication, and Design was awarded.

Key to the success of the lighting setup was the strategic deployment of 6 Astra Wash19Pix and 9 Astra Hybrid330 units, provided and installed by Revolution Rental. These fixtures were crucial in creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that not only highlighted the evening's performances but also complemented the architectural beauty of the Mozarteum.

The Astra Wash19Pix along with the Astra Hybrid330 worked in harmony to produce a dynamic lighting experience. Utilizing the integrated effects of the Astra Hybrid330, the lighting team crafted an immersive environment that perfectly resonated the event's theme of innovation in marketing and design.

The Revolution Rental team commented on the performance of the lighting equipment: "We chose PROLIGHTS for their reliability and the quality of their product performance. The Astra Wash19Pix and Astra Hybrid330 exceeded our expectations, delivering not only on performance but also on ease of integration within the sophisticated design needs of the Mozarteum."


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