29 April 2024

PROLIGHTS VersaPar Lights Up "100Minuti" Studio on La7


PROLIGHTS' VersaPar has been included in the lighting setup for "100Minuti," the new prime-time show on the La7 network, hosted by Corrado Formigli and investigative journalist Alberto Nerazzini.

Provided and installed by AMG International, the VersaPar units will be used throughout the duration of the show, illuminating the studio's perimeter and contributing to creating a captivating setting. These LED Pars are ideal for broadcast environments, thanks to their high luminous output, extensive zoom range, and advanced color mixing capabilities.

The versatile design of the VersaPar, combined with its excellent color uniformity and quiet operation, makes it a critical element for any television production that seeks to combine high visual and technological quality. Furthermore, VersaPar's HD Dimming technology ensures that every detail is visible with utmost clarity, maintaining unchanged image quality.


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