18 June 2024

The South Outdoor Festival shines with PROLIGHTS

PROLIGHTS products lit up the South Outdoor Festival in Borsh, an event aimed at enhancing tourism in the south region of Albania, celebrating, every year, community outdoor activities: sports, nature, food, music and entertainment. 

For the seventh edition, the organization team decided to enrich the public experience with three stages, positioned in different areas of the festival. Over the course of the three event nights, these stages hosted a wide and diverse group of international musicians, the best artists of the Albanian scene and well-known international DJs.  

For the lighting setup of the three stages, the festival organizers relied on ASLV, PROLIGHTS distributor in Albania, which provided a wide array of fixtures featuring more than 450 PROLIGHTS projectors including PanoramaIP Spot, PanoramaIP WBX, Panorama IP AirBeam, Astra Profile600IP, Stark 400, LumiPar 12IP, LumiPix 15IP and EclCyclorama 100. These were programmed and operated by lighting designer Florind Tenolli and lighting operator Rejnando Tafaj. 

PROLIGHTS products have been one more time the top choice for this kind of events, offering high-quality technical solutions and contributing to the event's success. On the last date of the festival, the weather was not kind to us; it rained all day, but thanks to PROLIGHTS IP-rated solutions, everything went smoothly, providing the public an amazing experience even under the heavy rain.” sated Bledar Cara, Co-Founder and Sales Manager at ASLV. 


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