15 July 2021

PROLIGHTS Pixie WashXB performs in Israel


Hanan Ben Ari, an Israeli singer-songwriter, kickstarted his tour in April after a long hiatus during COVID-19 lockdown, selling out the biggest venues in Israel. Hanan was the fourth most listened artist in Israel on Spotify at the end of last year - him and his seven players are now touring following Israel's easing of restrictions, delighting thousands of fans eager to see them.

The tour's lighting rig was designed by Ronen Najar, one of Israel's top Lighting Designers, and co-designer at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. The tour featured twenty-four PROLIGHTS Pixie WashXB spread around the back truss, giving depth and a range of colours to the show.

“I was looking for a lighting fixture that will be small in dimension without compromising on quality. The Pixiewash XB had all the qualities I was looking for - perfect size, a very wide range of colours, great light output and precision when working with it,” said Najar.

The Pixie WashXB has 280W single lens RGB and warm white source, with a frontal planoconvex lens and a zoom range from 7,6º to 43º, high CRI and TLCI values.


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